Drink Menu

​New Drink Menu coming 11/1/18

 Full Bar with a selection of wines and awesome beers



Central Waters    Ouisconsing                          $5.00      Pint
Red Ale  5.6%       Amherst, WI                                        

MKE Brewing        IPA                                          $5.00      Pint
American IPA        5.5%       Milwaukee, WI                                    

Point Brewery      Special Lager                        $4.00      Pint        
Lager      4.5%                       Stevens Point, WI                               

Potosi Brew Co.   Steamboat Shandy              $5.00      Tulip
Lemon Shandy      4.2%       Potosi, WI             

Ciderboys              Grand Mimosa                      $4.50      Cider Gl.
Cider                      5.0%       Steven’s Point, WI                              

Titletown Brew    Green 19                               $5.00      Pint
American IPA        6.4%       Green Bay, WI                                     

Third Space           Unite the Clans                     $5.00      Pint
Scottish Rye Ale   5.8%       Milwaukee, WI                    

Central Waters    Rift IPA                                   $5.00      Pint        
American IPA        6.5%       Amherst, WI                                        

Point Brewery      Oktoberfest                          $5.00      Pint
Marzen Lager       4.9%       Steven’s Point, WI

MobCraft Beer     Vanilla Wafer Porter           $5.00      Pint
Porter                    7.0%       Milwaukee, WI



Bottles and Cans

Lagers and Pilsners

North Coast          Scrimshaw                             $5.00
4.7%       Fort Bragg, CA

Modelo                  Especial                                  $5.00
4.4%       Mexico City, Mexico

Pearl Street          Rubber Mills Pils                  $5.00
5.0%       LaCrosse, WI

New Glarus           Spotted Cow                         $5.00
4.8%                       New Glarus, WI

Capital                    Supper Club                          $5.00
5.0%       Madison, WI

Metropolitan        Flywheel                                $5.00
5.0%       Chicago, IL

Krombacher          Pilsner                                    $6.00
4.8%       Munich, Germany


Pale Ales and India Pale Ales

Surly                       Furious (16oz)                      $6.00     
6.2%       Minneapolis, MN

Karben4                 Fantasy Factory                    $6.00
6.3%       Madison, WI

3Sheeps                 Waterslides                           $5.00     
6.2%       Sheboygan, WI



Stouts, Porters and Browns

Central Waters   Satin Solitude                       $5.00                     
7.5%       Amherst, WI

Abita                      Turbodog                               $5.00                     
5.6%       Abita Springs, LA

Bell’s                       Kalamazoo Stout                  $6.00
6.0%    Kalamazoo, MI                                        

Tyranena               Rocky’s Revenge                 $5.00
5.8%       Lake Mills, WI









Ambers and Red Ales

Ale Asylum            Ambergeddon                      $5.00
6.7%       Madison, WI

Anchor Steam      Dry Hopped Ale                   $5.50
5.4%       San Francisco, CA

Great Lakes           Eliot Ness                               $5.00     
6.2%       Cleveland, OH

New Belgium       Fat Tire                                  $5.00     
5.2%       Fort Collins, CO


Fruity, Cider and Gluten Free

Loon Juice             Honeycrisp                            $6.00
6.0%        Spring Valley, MN

Blakes Cider         Grizzly Pear                           $5.00       
5.0%       Armada, MI

Sprecher                Shakparo(gf)                         $5.00        
5.7%       Milwaukee, WI

Two Brothers       Prairie Path(gf)                     $5.50 
 5.0%         Warrenville, IL


New Belgium        Trippel                                   $5.00                  
8.5%     Fort Collins, CO

Lost Coast             Great White                          $5.00     
4.8%       Eureka, CA

MillerCoors           Blue Moon                            $5.00                     
5.4%       Golden, CO

Furthermore        Proper                                   $6.00                     
4.5%       Black River Falls, WI

Big Sky                   Trout Slayer                          $5.00     
5.3%       Missoula, MT


O’so                        Infectious Groove                $5.00     
4.5%       Plover, WI

Dogfish Head        Seaquench                            $5.00                     
4.9%       Milton, DE

*Founders             Green Zebra                          $5.00                     
4.6%       Grand Rapids, MI


Other Local Beers

Miller Lite                                                              $3.50                     
Miller Highlife                                                         $3.50
Pabst Blue Ribbon Tall Boy                                      $4.00
Grainbelt                                                               $4.00
Coors NA                                                               $3.50

House Wines
by the glass

WHITE ZINFANDEL                                                               $6          
PINOT GRIGIO                                                                     $6          
SAUVIGNON BLANC                                                              $6
CHARDONNAY                                                                      $6
MERLOT                                                                               $6
MALBEC                                                                               $6
CABERNET SAUVIGNON                                                         $6


House Wines
By the Bottle

White Wine

Villa Wolf              Pinot Gris                              
Germany                                                                               $30.00

Lagaria                   Pinot Grigio                                          
Italy                                                                                      $29.00

La Playa                  Sauvignon Blanc                                  
Chile                                                                                     $28.00

Huru                       Sauvignon Blanc                                  
New Zealand                                                                         $33.00

Ramey Sidebar     Sauvignon Blanc                  
California                                                                               $40.00

McManis                Chardonnay                         
California                                                                               $27.00

Black’s Station     Chardonnay                         
California                                                                               $30.00


La Vielle Ferme    Blend                                                     
France                                                                                    $30.00


Red Wine

Block Nine            Pinot Noir                             
California                                                                               $34.00

Don Rodolfo         Pinot Noir                             
Argentina                                                                              $30.00

Bulletin Place       Shiraz                                                                    
Australia                                                                               $30.00

MDZ                        Malbec                                  
Argentina                                                                              $30.00

Zorzal                     Malbec                                  
Argentina                                                                              $36.00

Tarrica                    Merlot                                   
California                                                                               $29.00

Greyson Cellars    Cabernet Sauvignon           
California                                                                               $30.00

Vigilance                Cabernet Sauvignon           
California                                                                               $33.00

Za Zin                     Old Vine Zinfandel              
California                                                                               $45.00

Bedrock                 Old Vine Zinfandel              
California                                                                               $63.00

Hot Alcoholic Coffee Drinks
$8 each

Abby road            
Chambord, Amaretto, Kahlua  

Bushmill’s Irish whiskey, amaretto

Mint kiss
Irish cream, Kahlua, Rumple Minze

Caribbean dream               
Dark rum, Creme de banana, Cream de cacao

Fuzzy Dicky                           
Grand Marnier, Kahlua

Italian coffee                       
Sambuca, Amaretto

Irish Coffee
Irish Whiskey, sugar and cream

Midnight lace                      
B & B, Triple sec, sugar

Scotch coffee                      
Scotch, Drambuie

Tight sweater                      
Frangelico, Kahlua, Amaretto, Irish cream

Toboggan truffle                
Dr. McGillicuddy’s, Cream de cacao

Point Root Beer, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist and Ginger Ale
Apple, Cranberry, Pineapple, Orange Juice
White and Chocolate Milk
Hot Chocolate

Coffee & Espresso  

Mug of Stone Creek Coffee
Salted Carmel Latte            
Burnt Sugar Latte
Horchata latte
Vanilla Bean Latte
S’mores Latte
Nutella Latte
Milk & Honey Latte

Other Milk options on request
Non-Fat, Soy, Almond, Coconut

Hot or Iced Loose Leaf Teas

Our organic tea selections come from Rishi Tea in Milwaukee
$2.50 each
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Jade Cloud
*Peach Nectar
*Chocolate Cinnamon
*Turmeric Ginger
*Blueberry Hibiscus
*Matcha Super Green
*Caffeine Free